Venue Finding for Meetings and Events

In most organisations employees are doing jobs that would have been done by a few people in the past.  How long does it take you to find venues for the meetings and events that you organise?  Wouldn’t it be great to get that time back so you can concentrate on the content of your event and getting all your required delegates attending.

Klear Events offer a free venue finding service.  We do not charge you for finding the venues*.  We have access to over 240,000 venues throughout the United Kingdom.  These range from large chain hotels to independent venues, conference centres, showgrounds, sporting and academic venues. Where possible, we will find a minimum of 3 venues in your desired location.  There is no catch!  All we ask is that if we find the right venue in the right location for the right price, you will allow us to confirm the venue on your behalf.  This will allow us to claim a small commission for placing your booking.  We will not recommend a venue to you based on the commission being offered as some agencies do.  The venue needs to be right, to ensure your event is a success.  We would also like you to return to us with future bookings.

With the experience that we have, we can negotiate on your behalf to get the best price for both your business and the venue.

Once your chosen venue has been confirmed, the contract will be issued to you via Klear Events so that we can check the initial detail is correct.  Once this is signed for by yourselves and returned to the venue, we can continue to liaise with yourself and the venue, should you wish.

*Venues that don’t pay commission but are requested by the client, will incur a venue finding fee. This will be advised at proposal stage.